For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q:  Where are you and what food do you serve?

A:  From the 12th July 2016 I’ll be located in the large car park at Cowie Bowling Club.  Operating hours from 06.30 till 19.00 hours.  The type of food I will serve will be local, fresh, tasty and  creative.  I firmly believe that good food can be served from anywhere, even a humble ‘burger van’.  There will be a breakfast, lunch and dinner* menus available. I’ll have fresh coffee, cakes and a range of take away dishes if you haven’t had time to make yourself lunch.  The menu will change from day to day and I will respond to the demands of my customers.  You want a Curry on a Friday?  No problem. There will be a range of vegetarian dishes, gluten free options and all served with a warm smile!!

* Dinner menu will be available until 7 pm .

Q:  What will your prices be?

A:  It wont be cheap, but neither will I rob you of £5 of your hard earned cash for a frozen slab of ‘meat’ served on a dry roll.  My food will be competitively priced but worth EVERY penny. There’ll be food for ALL budgets and tastes.  A bacon roll will cost around £1.50 and £1.90 for a doubler.  

GrillaThrilla burger £5

My GrillaThrilla burger £5

Q:  Do you deliver outwith Cowie?

A:  If there is demand, then absolutely YES but I will be operating initially on my own so it might take a wee while to build up my customer base then perhaps employ someone?  

Q:  What other services do you provide?

A:  I can provide you with your breakfast, lunch & even dinner.  There’ll be newspapers, free wifi (from August/September ), seating and even toiletries for our trucker friends.  Pre-order your meals by emailing or call me on 07833220016.  If you are delivering to Norbord or Redlands and need a quick turnaround, let me know in advance and I will have your order ready, delivered to your cab if you can’t make it to me.  There’s loyalty cards for my regular customers with a discount on your 10th purchase.  

Q:  Would you do small events/parties?

A:  Call me to discuss.  

Q:  Where are you based and would you travel to festivals?

A: We’re based near  Stirling and if your festival has my kinda people, then we’ll travel.  I hope to enrich the festival goers food experience by tapping into ALL their senses and providing a comfortable and relaxed space with which to soak up the atmosphere, chill out, and take in the smells and sights of GastroGrilla in action.


Smoked Ribs slaigered in my own BBQ sauce



My Pit Barrel Cooker

Chillaxing at the GastroGrilla pitch

Chillaxing at the GastroGrilla pitch