It all starts with the lawnmower….twice a week….cutting the fecking grass. But the rewards could be worth every bead of sweat, every blade of grass.  Quite a lot has happened over the last month or two.


                A proper lawnmower

The trailer is here! Its now wrapped, looking very impressive indeed.  Massive thank you to Gordon at


Lilly Rose – named by my daughter!!

Busy getting through the red tape and paperwork at the moment, along with buying kit, gas bottles, mops, security for the trailer, insurances ( lots of them!!), a generator, a van, fridges, bloody hell the list is endless and there isn’t a crumb of food in the trailer yet!

Shiny like a new pennie

Shiny like a new pennie

To be honest, I’m champing at the bit and ready to go.  A final sign off from the EHO and I’m fit to trade.  I already have my first bookings and trialled out a few recipes.  More details in a later post.  Orla DOES like the smokey Corn on the Cob!!

My Corn on the Cob Guinea Pig

My Corn on the Cob Guinea Pig

And finally, I’m looking at a date on or around the 12th July for my first full days trading.  Waiting like an expectant father on news from Stirling Council.  Hope to see you all at GastroGrilla

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