It was only a simple text.  And to be honest, I was in a meeting so I didn’t really read it properly, but there were a couple of words that stuck out.  ‘Funds’ and ‘transferred’.  My mood immediately changed from ‘what the hell am I doing here wasting my time when I could be flipping burgers and smoking ribs’ to ‘let’s start flipping burgers and smoking ribs!’.

And so it begins…..GastroGrilla is good to go!  We’ve had a disastrous few months that included failed attempts to re-mortgage the house, renaming the company due to potential copyright infringement and constant negative responses from local authorities regarding suitable pitches.  But what doesn’t kill you  makes you stronger doesn’t it? ( I’m sure there’s a song in there somewhere)

With the funding secured, and thanks to my wonderful wife continually reminding me how brilliant I am, we’re off on a journey that will take us somewhere.  Where is this somewhere?  I have no idea, but by golly gosh are we going to put a smile on a lot of folks faces and enjoy every minute of it.

Watch this space…..