Eventually purchased my van for towing the trailer.  Went for something large enough to tow the GrillaVilla, all 14ft of it.  The trailer should be ready to collect in 2 weeks, maybe as early as Sunday next week.  It’s going to be wrapped in vinyl with the branding and additional information like Don’t even LOOK at any other burgers, come to me and let me make you smile! 

The logo and strapline design are finalised and I’m very happy with them.  Need to TM them now to avoid the shambles that was UrbanGrilla.  Although to be honest, GastroGrilla is SOOOOOOOO cool a name and it reflects the quality of our food.


Next step in the process is all the legal stuff.  Food safety training, EHO certificates, gas & electric certificates and my pitch!!  Hopefully will have good news about the pitch his week.

Pulling teeth at the moment….