I am currently experimenting with a number of dishes ( my friends are VERY happy at the moment).  This includes my own signature BBQ sauce, smoking techniques ( see below) and rubs for the meats.  All of these dishes will be used to showcase the Gastro element of my food. I really hope that I can bring along my smokers to events to add theatre to the day!!  Looking forward to experimenting with fish and shellfish in the smoker!!  Other considerations are veggie options, gluten free and allergens.   Its a nightmare out there.


A chef without fire is like Eric without Ernie!  The beauty of my trailer is that it is designed with flexibility in mind.  As a chef, I needed flame.  FIRE.  So there is a 4 pot burner.  Eventually there’ll be a chargrill BBQ.  Your options are very limited if all you have to cook on is a griddle plate.



Experimenting with the burger mix at the moment.  Going back to basics after a successful trial at weekend. 100% Aberdeen Angus beef with 15% fat content, nowt else!!  There’ll be a range of options for burgers; BBQ bacon, blue cheese, Extra Hot Chilli, Bacon double cheese.  The options are infinite.





The ribs are proving problematic because there are SO many options.  Smoked, cooked in cola, with rub, without rub, honey glazed, BBQ sauce, hoisin sauce, plum sauce!!  The options are endless.  I’m sure you’ll agree that the end product looks yummy!!


Ribs prepared with different rubs, cooked low and slow with a deliciously smokey, sticky sweet finish.


And the pulled pork shoulder, slowly smoked in the Pit Barrel Cooker for 8 hours, then ripped apart into succulent strips, was a HUGE success.  Served with a rather quirky Wasabi Appleslaw that compliments the sticky, sweet pork.


slow cooked pork shoulder               deathbypulledpiggy

Pulled pork, straight from the smoker at 90oC, then turned it heaven on a roll #deathbypulledpiggy

My GrillaThrilla.  Quite a mouthful.  Might need to flatten it out slightly during the cooking process.  It’s 6 ounce of prime Aberdeen Angus steakmince, shaped by hand.  Topped with caramelised onion, mushroom, jalapeno & cheese.   All that’s missing is 2 oz of pulled pork, streaky bacon and a crispy onion ring. That’ll work!

GrillaThrilla burger £5

GrillaThrilla burger